Meet your new energy supplier - THE SUN

Pirano Energy provides solar solutions that allow you to cut costs by reducing your generator and grid usage

Your home is your castle. You should have power that you can count on.

Power all your lights, televisions, fridges, freezers, laptops, phones. Even power up to 2x air conditioners. All at the same time.

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Catering to small and mid-sized businesses such as offices, schools, shops, manufacturers...

You don’t need the grid or your generator when the sun is shining. Spend your money on expanding your business instead. Or keep the money saved and increase your profits. It’s your choice.

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Building a property or developing an estate? Increase the value of your property by adding solar – for FREE

Increase the attractiveness of your developments to potential buyers by partnering with Pirano to add a solar solution at ZERO cost. No risk, all reward.

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The Process

Purchase a system outright or take advantage of our 5 year Rent-to-Own scheme. We take care of the rest.

Complete our short registration process and schedule a time for our engineers to assess your property

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Our trained engineers perform a FREE assessment of your home or business to determine its suitability for solar, how much power you use and how much you can potentially save.

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Choose your system based on our recommendations. Then choose between an outright purchase or our 5-year affordable monthly payment plan

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Schedule a day for our engineers to come by and install your system

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Immediately start benefitting from your reliable power and save money on your energy bills

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The Technology

High quality engineering with 7-10 year warranties for components. We don't compromise on excellence.

THE INVERTER Ultimate diesel generator replacement

The inverter converts the energy from the solar panels into energy that can be utilised by your appliances. Pirano's inverters have been specifically modified so you can monitor your generation and usage from anywhere in the world

THE BATTERYStorage that lasts 10 years

The battery stores excess energy generated by the solar panels for use when there is less or no sunlight. They are rated to last 10 years and come with a minimum 7 year warranty

THE PANELS Energy generation for a GENERATION, literally

Our high efficiency solar panels convert sunlight into electrical energy. The panels are rated to last 25 years (literally a generation!) and have a 10 year warranty

Combine System Stacks

At Pirano we keep things simple by making our systems stackable. We offer solutions in predefined "Stacks" and these stacks can be combined to create the right system for you.

  • Home & Real Estate Solutions

  • 5kWp of panel
  • 5kW Inverter
  • 10kWh of battery
  • Business Solutions

  • 5kWp of panel
  • 5kW Inverter
  • 2.5kWh of battery

Combine up to 8 Stacks at a time

Featured Projects

We power businesses, save our customers money on fuel and reduce air pollution in communities in Nigeria.

Meet your new energy supplier - THE SUN

Pirano Energy provides solar solutions that allow you to cut costs by reducing your generator and grid usage.

Start your solar journey today.

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